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The graphical representation of a heatmap is an excellent tool to get the feel of the market at a glance. At Volume Digger you will get the Nifty Heatmap, Nifty Junior Heatmap and the heatmap for Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Besides the conventional Heat Maps here you can also find the Point Distribution Map of Nifty. This is extremely beneficial as the same gives you a graphical representation of by how many points each stock contributed for the rise or fall of Nifty.

Click on links below to see the current state of the markets LIVE.

Nifty Heatmap
Heatmap for S&P CNX Nifty
Nifty Junior Heatmap
Heatmap for CNX Nifty Junior
Nifty Point Distribution Map
Find by how many points each stock has contributed for the rise/fall of Nifty
Dow Jones Heatmap
Heatmap for Dow Jones Industrial Average